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Your home is one of the largest investments you’ll every make. But did you know that an improperly maintained gutter system could cost you thousands of dollars in repairs? It’s one of the major components on your home that is overlooked frequently. The purpose of a gutter system is to divert water away from your home and its foundation. A properly installed and maintained system prevents the foundation from cracking, damage to decks, insect infestations, mold and landscape deterioration. A-TUGCO, Inc. specializes in several types of styles and types including 5” and 6” k style and half round in aluminum and copper.

Tired of climbing the ladder to remove all types of debris and leaves from your gutter system? Invest in a gutter system that offers leaf protection; it’s a simple way to keep gutters from clogging. When your gutter becomes filled with leaves and debris, they become heavy which in turn can cause them to detach and cause major damage to the fascia and soffit areas of your home. If left unattended, overflowing water caused by clogging will eventually find its way inside of your home and cause more damage.

Don’t take chances. If you feel that your home is in need of new gutters and/or downspouts, call the professionals at A-TUGCO, Inc. we will be glad to come out and inspect your system. We won’t sell you anything you don’t need and only make the appropriate recommendations to bring your system up-to-date. Schedule your free estimate today 205-556-6292.